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Save up to 80% on Your Prescriptions

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Are you frustrated or worried about the high cost of your medications?

Whether you’re struggling to afford your medical expenses or frustrated about the cost of prescriptions, paying high premiums for necessary medications can leave you feeling discouraged, angered, and even fearful.

Our mail-order prescription service is a smart choice if you:

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“ I can’t thank you enough for the great service we get from the staff at Canada Med! We have saved over $1500 this year on my inhaler. We tell all of our friends about your service!“
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Everyone should have access to safe, affordable medications.

You shouldn’t have to choose between paying your bills and paying for your medications. It’s time to save money on your prescriptions and take back control of your budget and your life.

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Our customer care team is on hand to:

Since opening in 2003, we have worked with the same network of pharmacy providers. Through this network, we have been able to help customers save up to 80% on prescription medications, which are billed, filled, and shipped directly to your door from the pharmacy.

Our goal is to provide you, your family members, or your employees access to safe, affordable medications. We seek out the lowest price on medications without compromising quality.

We supply excellent customer care by partnering with you to review your medications and find you the best prices on them, whether that’s through our mail-order prescription service, a local pharmacy, or a savings program.

After your order is placed, you can expect your prescriptions to arrive straight from the pharmacy to your front door within 25-30 business days.*

After your initial order, our refill tracking system will notify us when it’s time for your next shipment so you’ll never have to wait for your medications. Once your order is placed through our service, you will be put into our refill system. We will contact you directly to confirm your next refill.

We will not order your medications without your authorization, and if a new prescription is needed, with your consent we will contact your doctor for a new script.

*In some cases, medications may arrive much sooner.

We make saving simple!

1. Get a Free Quote

Contact us and let one of our customer service representatives help you find savings solutions for your prescriptions. You won’t be subjected to a high-pressure sales pitch or any obligations. We’re here to help!

2. Order Your Discount Prescriptions

Through our mail-order prescription service, you can save up to 80% on the medications you need and have them delivered straight to your door within 25-30 business days (in some cases much sooner).

3. Start Saving! 

Saving money on your prescriptions brings less stress and more living. Start planning today!

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Our Commitment to You

After witnessing several family members and friends opt out of taking medications or struggle to pay their bills because of high prescription costs, we knew there had to be a better solution. That’s why we founded Canada Med Services/Discount Prescription Services in 2003. We feel strongly that everyone should have access to the medications they need, no matter the circumstance.

Over the years, we’ve built a loyal customer base in the Sarasota area and beyond by providing affordable and safe medications through our pharmacy providers, offering unmatched customer care, and establishing relationships with physicians across the United States.

Saving big on your prescriptions starts with a free call and quote.

Contact our Florida-based customer service team today!